What is a Transfer on Death Affidavit & Why You Should Have It

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Transfer on Death Affidavit, often referred to as TOD, is an easy way to avoid probate when transferring a real estate property after death.

While trusts and wills are created in order to transfer most assets, including personal property, there is a better way to transfer your home into the beneficiary’s name quickly.

Transfer on Death Affidavit is a document, similar to a deed, but instead of it directing who the property goes to immediately, it designates a beneficiary after the grantor passes away. Once signed and notarized, the Affidavit needs to be filed with the county recorder, just like a deed. Then, after the grantor’s death, the party handling the decedent’s estate can file another affidavit with the original death certificate, making the transfer from the grantor to the beneficiary.

This quick and inexpensive process makes the transferring of real estate after death simple for the beneficiary.

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